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Web Fraud and Phishing Warning

Konoutse Capital Inc. is a well-known business name whose name is misused by unscrupulous individuals trying to push their agenda. We do not have multiple websites but only one. We employ our investors, partners, and persons associated with our brand to beware of fake news, websites, fundraising, investment campaigns, or schemes supposedly associated with our name. Do not attempt to partake in such illegitimate practices and fraudulent gatherings of information on our behalf.

We also take exception to characters indulging in such activities in our name and employ our partners to reach out to our media offices for clarification on any information regarding Konoutse Capital Inc. Are you a victim or intentionally indulge in it? We, Konoutse Capital Inc. are not responsible for the consequences and will not pay in situations where the money is exchanged or lost.

Konoutse Capital Inc. does not authorize or allow its brand to be misused or associate with fraudulent individuals or activities. We reserve the right to push for legal actions and file lawsuits against anyone if the case arises.

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