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Private Equity Firm With A Thirst For Viable Markets To Improve & Grow Your Investments!

Konoutse Capital is one of the world’s emerging global private equity firm which is operating across several countries of the world. Today, we drive innovative investments to create lasting values for our investors, organizations, shareholders, and communities.

What started out as a platform to help close relations and friends manage their investments and financial life is now a successful body pursuing excellence across 3 continents with ties in other locations across the world. Since its inception, we have brought our investors along with us. This has challenged our thinking and pushed the boundaries to be the best. We have also designed and developed our own strategies and teams to hurdle across challenges and expand our reach in far places in the investment sphere.

Today we create values through financial services, business services, private equity, credit, real estate, infrastructure and mining across several geographical locations and industries. With headquarters in Canada, we have a competitive edge that has empowered us to deliver deep insights and impact to our investors.


Our Mission

Our purpose is to make sure we take advantage of innovation and technology to solve our stakeholders’ problems while thriving to remain an inclusive and proactive corporate citizen. We will take advantage of the global opportunities using our resources, knowledge, and investment know-how to scale across the industries in all regions.

Our Vision

Phenomenally innovative
Phenomenally investing
Phenomenally Canadian

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