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Most investors shy away from investing in mining because of a lack of expertise and experience in the mining sector. Konoutse Capital leverages innovation, sustainability, and partnership to give investors a slice of the mining industry. Our flexible financing alternatives and deep mining experience have produced growth and profits regardless of the market.

Mining is related to everything we do, and we cannot grow without mining, whether a growing population, emerging markets, communities or actual mines, societies mine.

Konoutse Capital invests in sustainable mining companies where our investments will drive value and benefits to the local communities and people. As we implement strategies to minimize risk, we target hidden growth potentials to produce better returns to all our investors.


OUR Team

We have reliable mining investment expertise with the ability to invest in any mining system globally. We also have resources for a wide range of mining portfolios that respect the ESG by doing business according to values and impact. Our team searches for unique mining opportunities with a minimal risk window in markets across the globe.

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