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Creating profitable and sustainable opportunities translate into growth and money in the bank. Since we made our first investment, it has been one success story after another. Today we are building companies around the world by enabling them to realize their potentials in the current market. Our ability to identify, unlock, transform, and generate untapped potentials in any market around the world.

Konoutse Capital is always searching for value-driven opportunities. We are not just helping your business break barriers and enhance your capabilities but want to create companies and businesses of value and help them reach their zenith. Our private equity is geared towards transforming and building value via our investment. We leverage a great partnership, management team, and industry expertise to accelerate growth and meet the goals of investors and companies across the world.


Our team

We have a team that is focused on sustainable building. We build for the future, and our approach is thorough discipline, determination, dedication, and diligence. With patience and attention to detail, we measure the risk vs. the reward in every portfolio. Through friendly interaction and global relationships, we have talented and skilled management that rely on strategic alliances and valued insight to achieve positive results.

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