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Konoutse Capital –long-term investment builds better businesses and yield more returns for our investors.


These are our standing core values throughout the ages. They have defined our values, ethics, character, culture, passion and are the pillar upon which our successes are built. And we are committed to implementing them in all areas of our business, professional and personal outlook.


Who are we?

Konoutse Capital is one of the world’s emerging global private equity firm which is operating across several countries of the world. Today, we drive innovative investments to create lasting values for our investors, organizations, shareholders, and communities.

What started out as a platform to help close relations and friends manage their investments and financial life is now a successful body pursuing excellence across 3 continents with ties in other locations across the world. Since its inception, we have brought our investors along with us. This has challenged our thinking and pushed the boundaries to be the best. We have also designed and developed our own strategies and teams to hurdle across challenges and expand our reach in far places in the investment sphere. 

Today we create values through financial services, business services, private equity, credit, real estate, infrastructure and mining across several geographical locations and industries. With headquarters in Canada, we have a competitive edge that has empowered us to deliver deep insights and impact to our investors.

What we offer



leveraging on our business experience and expertise to build sustainable and profitable businesses across the globe


Our deep understanding and strategy of the local and international market has equipped us with the opportunity to invest in profitable credit capital structures globally


A good investment is a lifetime of abundance and access to early financial freedom and wellbeing. We practice wise investing to ensure your money is not only protected but yielding better profits.

Your benefits

Everyone can make an investment on your behalf. However, only one private equity firm can turn your investment into a profitable venture. Konoutse Capital is offering you the opportunity to partner with us to build a profitable investment portfolio. We will do all the work while you retire early to live your dream.

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We will support and advise you to grow your business.

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You will work with a powerful, diverse, inclusive, and knowledgeable team in the industry.

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Get value and peace of mind investing with us.

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Share in our core values of integrity, relationship, and trust.

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Follow us and make encouraging impacts across the globe with positive results.

So, if you are ready to invest with Konoutse Capital Inc., this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Do you want to build a career with us? This is your time too to partner with the best in the industry.


How do we work?

Like every business, the early years were rough and tough, but they were learning years for us. Today we have a crystal-clear perspective of where we are and are heading with our business and partners. To ensure sustainability, value, and lasting impact, we carry our partners and stakeholders along. This way, we find solutions faster and tackle challenges swiftly. Yes, we have a team and leverage our core values and expertise to build credible and profitable investments. 

We approach every investment as a new course and use it to explore hidden values, opportunities, and impact on the community, our investors, and us. Konoutse Capital Inc. advantage is adding innovation to our core values to transform businesses into profitable ventures.

Our Vision

Phenomenally innovative
Phenomenally investing
Phenomenally Canadian

Our Mission

Our purpose is to make sure we take advantage of innovation and technology to solve our stakeholders’ problems while thriving to remain an inclusive and proactive corporate citizen. We will take advantage of the global opportunities using our resources, knowledge, and investment know-how to scale across the industries in all regions.


Our Investors

Without you, we will not be in business, so thank you for trusting us with your savings, money, and life. Our investors are everyone from the janitor at a local school, police officers, doctors, students, and pensioners. We could not have done it without you.

Our Core Values

They are

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Integrity – this is our prize characteristics. We believe in being consistent, honest, and showing empathy to all. This is the main trigger for our conviction to do right by our investors whether they are present or not.

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Trust – we are a private equity company. Each day investors trust us to handle their savings, funds, and ideas with utmost respect and value. We do not take this lightly. We promise to invest wisely, profitably and impact value regardless of status or location of our investors.

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Relationship – our success depends on how free and comfortable you are when you walk into any of our branches. We want our clients to feel as if they walked into their favorite family members houses. We want to develop a personal relationship with you to enable your mind to see the incredible prospects of investing with us.


Our Goal

Our goal is to build a better business that will add value and impact their communities and people positively

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To build the best inclusive team that wake up each day for the company’s success

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To incorporate ESG in all locations we operate in and minimize risk.

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To satisfy our investors by investing wisely, generating returns, and expanding their investment portfolios.

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Devising innovative solutions to navigate the challenges of global investment with long-lasting value

Our team

After decades in private equity, we could not have done it without the dedicated, purpose-driven, and professional team behind us. They understood the need for stability, high returns, and minimal risk across economies of the world. Furthermore, their vast insight into various industries, markets, and investment portfolios was impeccable. Today they are more than employees; they are the driving force behind our success and value in the investment market.



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